Coach Education Subsidy Program

BC Wrestling Association recognizes the need for continued development of coaches at all levels. BCWA partners with WCL and other supporters to deliver NCCP workshops and provides training and certification for wrestling coaches across BC. To encourage and assist coaches in their coaching development pathway, BCWA will provide financial support to qualified coaches in their pursuit of coach development. For more information, please review the BCWA Coach Education Program and Coach Development Funding Application Form below:

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Upcoming BCWA NCCP Workshops: Community Coach (October 22): http://www.bcwrestling.com/news/nccp-community-coach-workshop6098898 Comp-Intro Part A (October 30): http://www.bcwrestling.com/news/nccp-competition-introduction-part-a-workshop Comp-Intro Part B (October 31): http://www.bcwrestling.com/news/nccp-competition-introduction-part-b

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