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​General Philosophy

  • Ensure that the competitors act within the letter and intent of the laws governing the sport as interpreted by Wrestling Canada Lutte

  • Help encourage and instill an attitude of determination and drive for competitive excellence while promoting a spirit of good sportsmanship

  • Conduct a bout smoothly, efficiently, and in a manner compatible with the concept of "Total Wrestling"

  • Award points based on the actions of the wrestlers

  • Ensure the safety of the wrestlers

For information on current rules and updates:

United World Wrestling Rules

UWW logo_edited.png

Wrestling Canada Rules 2019

wrestling canada.png

Becoming an Official - We Encourage and Welcome New Members!

Are you a retired wrestler and want to get back into the sport? If so, try officiating. It's a great way to stay involved with your favorite sport. There are opportunities to make new friends, travel, and mentor young athletes. Click here to contact the BCWOA and sign up today, or email!

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