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Provincial Programs

Planning, organization, and management of our provincial programs is a major focus. We strive to provide the appropriate and quality opportunities to as many athletes as possible.   Thanks to the support of our funding partners; Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture, and Sport, 2010 Legacies Now, and the Canadian Sport Centre Pacific. BC Wrestling is able to achieve the outstanding National and International results that qualify BC Wrestling as a Targeted Sport. 

The Targeted Sport Strategy supports training and development programs for athletes who are on a pathway to move from provincial programs to national development programs and national teams. The Targeted Sport Strategy leverages opportunities through partnerships with BC based national training centers, and develops strategies to provide appropriate access to high-performance facilities for athletes and coaches.


Our athlete development programs include:








Long Term Athlete Development Program:

Canadian Sport for Life (LTAD) is an initiative of the Canadian Sport Centres, Sport Canada and the Federal, Provincial & Territorial Sport Council (FPTSC) which plans for sport excellence and well-being of Canadians. In recent years, programs have tended to treat young athletes and performers as miniature adults, and the drive to win medals and titles at an early age has resulted in inappropriate training methods and excessive competition schedules. When children should be focused on appropriate age-specific training and development, they are often over-competing in efforts to ‘win’. If we want to encourage our children in sport and lifelong activity, as well as create the potential to compete internationally, we need to build our sport programs around principles that respect the developmental needs of all children. Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is a progressive pathway of development that recognizes the distinct stages of physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development in child athletes. 

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