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A New Direction for BCWA High Performance

After much thought and careful consideration, BC Wrestling has moved to conduct a core review of all of our performance programs.  

BC Wrestling understands the past several weeks have been difficult for our high performance athletes, and for our incumbent coaches, however the board has a responsibility to be thorough in its evaluation process, and to make the best decision possible after taking into account all factors and reviewing the program delivery model. 

Making a change to a program in any sport is one of the most difficult tasks for an organization, and the decision is never an easy one, however BC Wrestling believes it has an obligation to its athletes, to put them in the best position to achieve success while employing the most prudent expenditure of limited association resources.

At this time, BC Wrestling would like thank coach Dave McKay for his contribution to the wrestling community in British Columbia.  Dave is a quality person and he handled that decision with the same class, professionalism and character that we've come to expect since he returned to the organization. We wish him well in all future pursuits. 

Mark Brkic

​Executive Director 

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