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2022 Junior Trials Recap

Following up with the amazing performances a day before at the Cadet Trials, athletes continued their winning streaks into day two at the 2022 Junior Wrestling Trials. Individually, four athletes captured gold, eleven silver, six bronze, and twelve fourth-sixth place placings in the women’s, men’s and greco roman divisions. Contributing to their team score with multiple placers, Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club was awarded the Men’s Club Team Award with 37 points. A huge congratulations to all!

Junior Women

Madison MacKenzie (50kg WW) – 2nd BMWC

Rupinder Johal (76kg WW) – 2nd Guru Gobind Singh

Ella Finding (55kg WW) – 2nd Coast Wrestling Academy (CWA)

Paige Maher (72kg WW) – 2nd BMWC

Ivy Threatful (53kg WW) – 3rd BMWC

Marley Jackson (62kg WW) – 5th CWA

Junior Men

Karan Gill (92kg FS) – 1st BMWC

Elijan Lazar (70kg FS) – 2nd BMWC

Owen Martin (74kg FS) – 2nd BMWC

Karanveer Mahil (125kg FS) – 2nd Takedown Academy

Arjun Manher (97kg FS) – 2nd Rustom Wrestling

Ryan Hicks (70kg FS) – 3rd BMWC

Peter McCrackin (74kg) – 3rd BMWC

Ricky Feroce (86kg FS) – 3rd BMWC

Sukhshaan Randhawa (125kg FS) – 3rd Rustom WC

Marques Calapiz (57kg FS) – 4th BMWC

Sehajpal Sidhu (70kg FS) – 4th Canadian Mal

Jorawar Dhinsa (125kg FS) – 4th Guru Gobind

Arashk Rasti (74kg FS) – 5th BMWC

Parampartap Cheema (97kg FS) – 5th Canadian Mal

Chiragpreet Mattu (125kg FS) – 5th BMWC=

Gurek Dhesi (86kg FS) – 6th Canadian Mal Wrestling

Baltej Mundi (125kg FS) – 6th Rustom WC

Parmjot Sidhu (61kg FS) – 6th BMWC

Prabhjot Mander (65kg FS) – 6th Canadian Mal

Gagandeep Grewal (70kg FS) – 6th BMWC

Greco Roman

Nolan Stewart (67kg GR) – 1st Coast Wrestling Academy

Humraj Sandhar (77kg GR) – 1st Guru Gobind WC

Baltej Mundi (130kg) – 1st Rustom WC

Gurjot Sahota (67kg GR)- 2nd Guru Gobind Singh WC

Arjun Mandher (97kg GR) – 2nd Rustom

Jorawar Dhinsa (130kg GR)- 2nd Guru Gobind Singh WC

Sukhshaan Randhawa (130kg GR)- 3rd Rustom WC

Photos above by Bill Bains. To view more photos, visit:

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