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UBC Rugby is Wrestling to Get Better

Monday night the Westsider Wrestling Club had some new participants.  20 players from the UBC Mens Rugby Team came out to train on the mat. Rugby and Wrestling are two sports that share a lot of the same athletic movements and many will argue that the best tacklers often come from a wrestling background.  When UBC Head Coach Curry Hitchborn was asked about the experience, this is what he had to say:

“Wrestling and rugby are two sports that go hand in hand. It builds in a level of personal safety and resilience you don’t get it in a lot of sports. I actively recruit athletes with a wrestling background as I know that they will be better suited to the collision aspect of rugby. They are more kinaesthetically aware than a number of their peers as well as exhibit an incredible competitive streak. The work that goes into wrestling training plays a large role in the athletes onfield performance as well. Most often, this shows up in tackling technique, work at the breakdown and the set piece.

Wrestling offers numerous benefits. One being the environment. Being indoors allows for year round training and then the added benefit of working in pairs ensures no one gets lost and all the athletes are seeing tangible, skill building volume through safely engaging in pure competition. The benefits of wrestling are vast and being able to utilise the Westsider Wrestling Club will be essential to our programs overall success for the long term not only by training our current athletes but building in the next generation of future Thunderbirds in the classroom and on the field.”

We are looking forward to seeing more of the UBC Rugby Team wrestling. Hopefully this can be the start of more rugby players at all ages and skill levels taking to the mat. 

If you have any questions about this program or Westsider Wrestling club,

you can call 604-779-7472 or email or visit

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