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BCWA Talk to the President

In addition to the upcoming BCWA Town Hall (May 20, 6-7:30pm),BCWA wants to make ourselves available for people on an individual basis to talk to the BCWA President on May 18th between 5-8pm (PST). This is an opportunity for you to bring forward any thoughts, questions, ideas, plans, etc.

Information regarding the talk's:

  • Book at the link below

  • Conversation windows are 15 minutes

  • No need for small talk, just dive right in

  • Be professional

  • Zoom or phone, whatever is best for you

  • Let's talk about current or recent topics, not gripes from 20 years ago

We know there are good ideas within our wrestling community, and we want to hear them!

Please book at the link below before May 17th at 4pm.

Click on the following link to register: REGISTER HERE

We look forward to hearing from you!

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