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BCWA Membership Structures & Events

To all BCWA Members, we wanted to provide some clarity on BCWA membership structures and events.

Who can participate at a club event?

Everyone! BC School Sports regulates that high school teams may not represent their school outside of school sanctioned events. However, this does not mean that high school athletes may not participate in club events such as the War on the Floor. Even if a high school athlete is not apart of a club team, they may compete by listing their club name as 'unaffiliated'. High-school coaches are also welcome to create a 'club team name', and register their athletes as such.

What membership do I purchase for my high school athlete if they are competing at a club tournament?

You will notice on our membership structure that there are two categories for Juvenile and Cadet athletes. Please note, the distinction between a high school and club membership is the length of coverage. A high school membership covers an athlete from September 1st to February 26th following the BCSS Provincials. If an athlete is training with a club team and/or looking to continue to compete past the high school wrestling season, then they are required to purchase a club membership. If an athlete would like to attend the War on the Floor, they may do so with either a high school or club membership. Example I am a coach and I would like to register my athlete from Springfield Secondary for the War on the Floor. We do not have a club team, but a school team. What membership do I purchase and how do I register?

  • You are welcome to purchase a high school or club membership for the athlete. If the athlete is training at a club and will be competing past February 26th (for example, at the National Championships), then they are required to purchase a club membership.

  • Register the athlete as unaffiliated if the high school team does not have a club team

  • Coaches are also welcome to create a 'club team name' and enter this in during the registration process

We apologize for any confusion and we hope this provides some clarity to members. Questions or Concerns? If you any questions or concerns, please contact executive director, Non Ha. Email: Phone: 604-737-3092 Extension 2

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