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BCWA Members Required To Comply With COVID-19 Orders

Hello BCWA members,

All BC Wrestling Association members are required to comply with BCWA’s and BC Provincial Health Officer’s mandates and orders. BCWA will report to the PHO and/or compliance and enforcement officials any perceived health safety violations in accordance with the PHO's reporting mechanisms. Under the Government’s Emergency Program Act, some orders can be enforced by police or other compliance and enforcement officials. People who don't follow these orders could be fined.

Additionally, clubs, coaches, and wrestlers who violate the orders and requirements may be subject to any and all sanctions available to the BCWA Board of Directors, including BCWA membership revocation or suspension.

Finally, any insurance provided to your club or wrestlers is null and void if you are breaching the orders re: COVID-19. This is putting yourself and your club at significant risk.

Let’s do our part in creating a safer BC!


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