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Westsider Presents Wrestling for Rugby Coaches & Teachers

Westsider Wrestling is hosting an event on December 8th, at 4:30pm at Kitsilano Secondary. This event is for Rugby Coaches to talk to about the benefits of wrestling for rugby players. Seminar leaders include Justin Abdou (SFU Wrestling Coach), Curry Hitchborn (UBC Rugby Coach) and Joe McCullum (UBC Strength and Conditioning Coach). This past Sunday, UBC won yet another Rugby National Title, utilizing wrestling as part of their training.

The event will be roughly 90 minutes on the mats, which includes discussion and demos. Following this, attendees are invited to head over to the Meralomas Clubhouse for snacks, drinks, and good conversation. Everyone who attends will receive 2 drink tickets.

Tickets are $10 and all proceeds will be donated to flood relief.

If you know any rugby coaches that would be interested or want to come yourself, please pass along and register through the link below:

*Please note, this is a Westsider Wrestling Event. For all questions and inquires, please direct them to event organizer Chris Thom at 604-779-7472 or by email at

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