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U23 World Champion - Ana Godinez!

On November 5th, 2021, 21 year old Ana Paula Godinez fought her way to earn a gold medal at the U23 World Championships. Dominating the competition, Ana fought through her preliminary matches of the 65 kg women’s bracket having no points scored against her. Having a challenging finals match, Ana showed the true virtues of a strong wrestler, fighting back against a 7 point lead eventually working to gain a 10-7 point technical advantage over her opponent, Kateryna Zelenykh (UKR) in the final moments of her match.

Past UFV and SFU athlete, Ana has dedicated her life to the sport of wrestling. Being not just a fierce athlete, Ana also holds a tenacious past of overcoming adversity. Born in Aguascalientes, Mexico, young Ana and her family was forced to flee the country due to dangerous living situations. Under the veil of a trip to Disneyland, Ana and her three sisters were told to pack their bags and left the country overnight, leaving their friends and family with no knowledge of their departure. With no money, English speaking abilities, or a place to stay, the Godinez family would begin the journey of rebuilding their life.

Ana started wrestling in grade 11, switching over from her past history of playing rugby on the national team. Earning success early on in her career taking the gold at the Canada Summer Games, Ana realized that wrestling was her future. Supported by her family, Ana has worked ferociously to maintain her spot on the Canadian national team, earning many provincial, national and international titles. Recognized for her achievements, Ana was also awarded the prestigious 2020 Wrestling Canada Female Junior Wrestler of the Year award.

Wrestling is a sport that runs deeply in Ana’s family. Karla Godinez currently wrestles at Simon Fraser University and shares many of the same accomplishments and dreams as her younger sister. Outside of wrestling, Anas oldest sister, Lupita, currently fights in the strawweight division in the UFC maintaining a 6-2 record. Ana credits many of her successes to her familial support and encouragement. Ana dreams of one day competing in the Olympics – and we know that she will make it there!

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