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The 2019 Mongolia Wrestling Experience

A group of 11 wrestlers from British Columbia traveled to Mongolia for a wrestling experience of a lifetime. The athletes participated in a high volume training schedule, and had to be mentally focused and tough. It was great to see the athletes dig deep and push through the training load. All athletes that attended had an incredible experience through wrestling, culture, food and company. 

Special thanks to Former Mongolian National Team coach Lhamsuren Naidan (Sama) who has been working alongside the BC Wrestling Association to make these amazing training opportunities possible for our athletes. 

Each athlete was asked to write a short paragraph about the trip, here is some of what they had to say. "Some of my favorite parts of the trip were training in 5 different clubs/places and meeting so many wrestlers." - Stephanie Mould. 

The team not only got to experiene Mongolia from inside the wrestling room but also from a little exploring. "My favourite part of the trip other than the practices was getting to experience a piece of their culture through the events and opening ceremonies at the Nadaam festival." Marquesis. 

Thank you to the coaches that took our athletes on this incredible trip to Mongolia, it gave our BC wrestlers an experience of a lifetime. "it was awesome definitely would come back again!" - Owen Martin.

For more testimonials from our BC athletes please click on the link. 



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