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Japan Wrestling Tour

Five wrestlers from BC have just returned from a 10 day trip to Japan. These BC athletes were part of a group of 15  elite wrestlers from accross Canada. They attended training sessions, battled in dual meets, experienced Japanese culture in schools and homestays, and toured the beautiful country.

The team partook in three different dual meets, the first one took place in Morioka where the team walked away with 12 wins and 4 losses. The second meet ended with 8 wins and 6 losses for the Canadians. The third dual meet the team wrestled against the third-ranked team in Japan and held their own. Not only did the athletes get to compete against Japanese teams they also got the opportunity to train alongside them during practices held after the dual meets.

While they were in Japan they got to take in all the sights and sounds. Visiting Hiraizumi, Tsukiji Fish Market, a Buddhist temple that was built in 1277, as well as a Yushima Seido Temple. They were also lucky enough to experience a traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony and watched a traditional Geisha dance performance. 

This trip was a huge success and gave these BC athletes an experience of a lifetime.

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