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Connecting Off the Mats - AGM Registration Deadline

This year, similar to others, BC Wrestlers performed on mats across the world. From national to international events, BC athletes have long held a standing point on worldwide podiums. But how did they get to the point in which they stood triumphant? 

SFU Wrestler Lauren Mason highlights various past and current athletes across BC to better understand the skills and mindsets needed to be successful. From early beginnings in community clubs, to local high-school wrestling rooms, to high performance programs, athletes reflect on their experiences and opportunities gained from participating in the sport of wrestling.

Video by SFU Wrestler, Lauren Mason

"For years, athletes from British Columbia have traveled the world and competed at the highest of levels. Athletes from back in the day like Carol HuynhJustin Abdou, and even athletes more recently like Justina Di Stasio have all gone on to the world stage and had much success. British Columbia is home to some of these long time legends and is home to the future, up-and-coming legends" (  Link to video: BC Wrestling

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