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2022 U19 / U17 / U15 Canadian Wrestling Championships - Deadline Fast Approaching!

The 2022 U19 / U17 / U15 Canadian Wrestling Championships are scheduled for June 9-12, 2022 in Calgary, Alberta. Please review the 2022 U19-U17-U15 National Championships BCWA Sanctioning Policy and 2022 Canadian Championships Technical Package. Please note that WCL event entry fees are in additional to the $190 BCWA athlete sanction fee. BCWA sanction fee only applies to athletes and does not apply to coaches, officials, and support staff. Important WCL requirements – eligibility requirements, safe sport requirements, coaching requirements, covid protocols, uniform policy, and others.

Athletes MUST register for both the 1) BCWA Sanctioning AND 2) the Wrestling Championships. Please note, these registrations are separate and must be completed separately (i.e. they are two different registration portals and two separate transactions).

BCWA Sanctioning Registration Please carefully review the BCWA Sanctioning policy below:

2022 U19 U17 U15 National Championships BCWA Sanctioning Policy (2)
Download PDF • 161KB

To register for the BCWA Sanctioning, visit: BCWA Sanctioning

Athletes must register before May 13, 2022 by 11:59pm.


WCL National Championship Registration

Please carefully review the WCL Technical Package below:

Download PDF • 580KB

To register for the National Championships, visit: WCL Registration

The registration deadline is May 22nd, 2022 at 11:59 pm ET. No registrations will be accepted after May 22nd, 2022. This applies to all athletes, support staff and officials.

*Please note, many documents need to be compiled before you start the WCL Registration process. As such, we recommend planning ahead and reviewing the list carefully. For a list of documents required, CLICK HERE

Vaccination Status and COVID Protocols:

The Canadian Wrestling Championships is an event that requires all participants seeking accreditation for participation to be Fully Vaccinated, as per WCL and CCWS policies: WCL: Participants will be asked to provide Proof of Vaccination at Accreditation (on-site at the host hotel) AND should be prepared to show Proof of Vaccination or exemption on request at any time. Vaccination status information will not be collected or stored after Proof of Vaccination has been verified. Participants and Spectators will also be required to provide Proof of Vaccination. Participants who are not Vaccinated will be barred from entry or participation in the event. For more information on this and COVID protocols, please see the WCL Technical package above.

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