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2022 Senior Trials Recap

Finishing on a high note, multiple BC Athletes took to the mats and stood upon the podium at the 2022 Senior Canadian Wrestling Trials and Greco Roman Championships held at the University of Alberta last weekend. Within the men’s division, Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club continued their winning streak finishing first with 68 points to be awarded with the Men’s Club Team Award. In the Greco Roman category, Rustom Wrestling Club claimed the Junior Club Award with 18 points. Recognizing the amazing triumphs of athletes across Canada, Wrestling Canada Lutte (WCL) also announced the 2021 Wrestler of the Year awards. Two athletes from BC were chosen – both recent 2022 Pan American Gold Medalists - including Ana Godinez Gonzalez and Amar Dhesi. Ana was honored with the U23 Female Athlete of the Year Award and Amar with the Senior Male athlete of the year. Overall, BC athletes succeeded in taking home six gold, three silver and five bronze medals at the Senior Championships. Well done to all!

Senior Women

Karla Godinez (53 kg) – 2nd Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club (BMWC)

Jocelyn Bhatha (55kg) – 3rd BMWC

Ana Paula Godinez (62kg) – 1st BMWC

Jade Trolland (65kg) – 3rd BMWC

Paige Maher (72kg) – 6th BMWC

Justina Di Stasio (76kg) – 1st BMWC

Senior Men

Darthe Capellan (57kg) – 1st BMWC

Kye Mills (57kg) – 4th BMWC

Pritpaul Johal (61kg) – 2nd BMWC

Jacob Torres (65kg) – 3rd BMWC

Elijah Lazar (70kg) – 3rd BMWC

Patrik Leder (74kg) – 1st BMWC

Jasmit Phulka (74kg) – 2nd BMWC

Magnus McCrackin (74kg) – 5th BMWC

Owen Martin (79kg) – 3rd BMWC

Karan Gill (92kg) – 6th BMWC

Nishan Randhawa (97kg) – 1st BMWC

Ali Al-Rekabi (97kg) – 4th BMWC

Amar Dhesi (125kg) – 1st BMWC

Raphael Masella (125kg) – 5th BMWC

Junior Greco Roman

Nolan Stewart (67kg GR) – 1st Coast Wrestling Academy

Humraj Sandhar (77kg GR) – 1st Guru Gobind WC

Baltej Mundi (130kg) – 1st Rustom WC

Gurjot Sahota (67kg GR)- 2nd Guru Gobind Singh WC

Arjun Mandher (97kg GR) – 2nd Rustom

Jorawar Dhinsa (130kg GR)- 2nd Guru Gobind Singh WC

Sukhshaan Randhawa (130kg GR)- 3rd Rustom WC

Thank you to the University of Alberta and Wrestling Canada Lutte for putting on a great tournament! We look forward to the upcoming U19, U17 and U15 Championships held in Calgary from June 9-12th.

Photos above by Bill Bains. To view more photos, visit:



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