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2022 Cadet Wrestling Trials Recap

Last Week, athletes from across the country competed at the 2022 Cadet Canadian Wrestling Trials held at the University of Alberta. Dominating the tournament, both the women and men worked to capture various team titles. On the men’s side, Guru Gobind Singh was awarded with the Men’s Wrestling Club Team Award with 28 points. On the Women’s side, Coast Wrestling Academy was awarded with the Women’s Club Team Award earning 20 team points. Individually, eight athletes captured gold, four silver, three bronze, four fourth place and one fifth place finish. Overall as a team, BC was awarded the Men’s Provincial Team Award. Congratulations to all!

Women’s Cadets:

Ella Finding (57kg WW) – 1st Coast Wrestling Academy (CWA)

Marley Jackson (61kg WW) – 1st CWA

Rupinder Johal (73kg WW) – 1st Guru Gobind Singh Maddy Grof (57kg WW) – 2nd CWA

Ashton Senko (57kg WW) – 3rd CWA

Beatrice Carnell (65kg WW) – 4th Victoria Wrestling Club

Alice Clements (53kg WW) – 4th Capilano WC

Men’s Cadets:

Harkirat Dhillon (48kg FS) – 1st Canadian Mal WC

Quentin Lee Mensah (55kg FS) – 1st CWA

Tejvir Dhinsa (71kg FS) – 1st Guru Gobind Singh

Arjun Nagra (80kg FS) – 1st CWA

Jagroop Dhinsa (92kg FS) – 1st Guru Gobind Singh

Micah Calapiz (51kg FS) – 2nd Bhullar WC

Aykam Takhar (110 kg FS) – 2nd Rustom WC

Nolan Stewart (65kg FS) – 2nd CWA

Harkirat Dhillon (51kg FS) – 3rd Canadian Mal WC

Michealjeet Grewal (80kg FS) – 3rd Guru Gobind Singh

Gurjot Sahota (65kg FS) – 4th Guru Gobind Singh

Rohit Bal (80kg FS) - 4th Canadian Mal

Jastej Mundi (80kg FS) – 5th Rustom WC

Photos above by Bill Bain. For more photos, visit:

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