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Return to Wrestling Update - April 08, 2022

BCWA is excited to announce that wrestling activities in BC are now closer to “normal” with the new BCWA Return to Play Guidelines April 8, 2022. Please review the BCWA Return to Play Guidelines April 8, 2022 (to open, click on the buttons below).

BCWA Return to Play Guidelines April 8, 2022
Download PDF • 192KB

Although BCWA is lifting the BCWA COVID-19 Vaccination Policy, some wrestling events do require proof of vaccination. Updates will be shared as they become available; however, as it currently stands BC Games, Canada Summer Games, and WCL Trials and Championships will require proof of vaccination.

You all deserve a massive amount of thanks and congratulations for the extra care and effort you’ve put in through Return to Wrestling. Remember when we weren’t allowed to be indoors or be in contact. We also witnessed a wrestling community come closer together and I believe that is directly linked to your commitment and passion for the sport. Although it’s not impossible that we’ll have restrictions in the future, for now, let’s use the momentum we have built to continue to collaborate and come back even stronger, because our communities need wrestling more than ever.

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