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Elevate Speaker Series with Travis Cross

Pacific Sport Vancouver Island spotlights Travis Cross in their Elevate Speaker Series! Hear some inspiring words by watching the video below:


*This video can also be viewed by clicking on the following link:

PacificSport Vancouver Island is currently holding their Elevate Symposium online as they host an Athlete and Coach Speaker Series! As quoted from PacificSport, "We understand in this challenging time that access, motivation, or availability can become difficult and as a result athletic training and development may suffer. In order to support our athlete community we will be offering this series of online presentations and interviews to the sporting community, designed to inspire and create an educational platform! Join us for Episode One where Olympian Travis Cross joins PacificSport VI host Kevin Lindo, and Mental Performance Consultant Geoff Hackett to discuss training, routines, re-shifting your mentality and how to adapt your training to the new normal!"

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