Provincial Programs
Planning, organization, and management of our provincial programs is a major focus. We strive to provide the appropriate and quantity of opportunities to as many athletes as possible.   Thanks to the support of our funding partners; Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, 2010 Legacies Now, and the Canadian Sport Centre Pacific, BC Wrestling is able to achieve the outstanding National and International results that qualify BC Wrestling as a Targeted Sport.

The Targeted Sport Strategy supports training and development programs for athletes who are on a pathway to move from provincial programs to national development programs and national teams. The Targeted Sport Strategy leverages opportunities through partnerships with BC based national training centres, and develops strategies to provide appropriate access to high-performance facilities for athletes and coaches..

Provincial High Performance Coach   Dave McKay -  

Dave McKay served as the Head Coach of the Canadian men’s team at the 2012, 2008 and 2004 Olympic Games and as an assistant coach at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney where he coached Daniel Igali to a gold medal.

High Performance Program

The Burnaby Mountain Wrestling Club situated at Simon Fraser University, is one of the top ranked training centres in Canada.  National and provincial funding is provided to BC Wrestling to support coaching and programs at the National High Performance Centre.  The focus development of national team athletes capable of national and international results.

 2015-2016 Provincial Development Program

Providing high school athletes with the qualifications, identification and selection criteria for provincial team selection.  Regional Centres for Wrestling are the Lower Mainland & Interior.
Regional Training Centres
The Integrated Performance System (IPS), including the Targeted Sport Strategy AND the Regional Coach program, also provides regional support and services through Pacific Sport Centres. Working to develop a pathway for BC athletes to move from the entry level through BC Games, Canada Games, national development and national team levels.

IPS Provincial Development Coach - Women:     Kate Walker  
Provincial training practices for high school athletes offered two days per week at Burnaby Mountain Training Centre
Please contact the respective coaches to receive an update on the Provincial Development Plan

 Canadian Sport Centre Pacific - Provincial Athlete Carding

CSC Pacific/PacificSport Athlete Service Programs were developed to assist the Provincial Sport Organizations (PSO) and National Sport Organizations (NSO) by providing additional resources directed towards their identified performance athletes training in British Columbia.  

Camps & Competitions

BC Wrestling provides member athlete participation at provincial, national and international competition, as well as multi sport Games, and Christmas, Spring, and Summer camps.   

    • Juvenile & Cadet National Championship Criteria.  



2016 BC Summer Games

The next BC Summer games will be taking place  in the City of Abbotsford.  They are for male and female athletes aged 14-16 years.    For further information on BC Summer Games & the Northern BC Winter Games click HERE


Canadian Sport for Life (LTAD) is an initiative of the Canadian Sport Centres, Sport Canada and the Federal, Provincial & Territorial Sport Council (FPTSC) which plans for sport excellence and well-being of Canadians.

In recent years, programs have tended to treat young athletes and performers as miniature adults, and the drive to win medals and titles at an early age has resulted in inappropriate training methods and excessive competition schedules. When children should be focused on appropriate age-specific training and development, they are often over-competing in efforts to ‘win’.

If we want to encourage our children in sport and lifelong activity, as well as create the potential to compete internationally, we need to build our sport programs around principles that respect the developmental needs of all children. Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) is a progressive pathway of development that recognizes the distinct stages of physical, mental, cognitive and emotional development in child athletes.   Click here for a printable chart of the BC Wrestling model.

 Aboriginal & Elementary Wrestling

Keeping kids physically active and helping them to build confidence and self esteem.  Youth wrestling is about FUN!  Wrestling is introduced to elementary school age kids for fun and participation.   Many competitions in the province include a kids wrestling division, as well as a number of independent kids wrestling tournaments and clinics.   


High School External Sport Credits

The Ministry of Education is responsible for the External Credentials program and the Sport Credits Portion of this program is administered and monitored by the Sport and Recreation Branch of the Ministry of Healthy Living and Sport. 

• Students do not have to be in a specific grade to receive that grade’s credit. For example, a grade 10 student who is competing on a provincial team going to a national championship will receive credit for Athlete 12. Likewise, a grade 11 student who competed in the BC Games while he/she was in grade seven will receive credit for Athlete 10.
• Students who have participated in approved programs before they reach grade 10 can receive credit for their past participation by obtaining written documentation to verify their participation.
• Once a student has received credit for a particular level within the athlete, official or coach categories, he or she cannot receive additional credits for duplicate participation. 





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