Name - Stacie Anaka

Weight(kg) - 63

Hometown - Victoria

High School/Last Team - Reynolds


Stacie Anaka - athletes representative for the BC Wrestling Association.

My role is to act as the liaison with the BC Wrestling athletes, to report any issues or concerns to the Board of Directors of BC Wrestling, or to help athletes understand the roles and responsibility of the Association. As I am new to the position, there may be answers I may need to research before answering, but I will do my best.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. 


Athlete Development

Our goal is to foster and promote the growth of wrestling in our province. This includes access to training and competition at all levels,  and to provide opportunities promoting gender equity, cultural and disabled participation.

The BC Wrestling Association utilizes the CAWA terms for the following age categories and weight classes as indicated in Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association here for age categories and weights.
As Athletes move from Cadet (15-16 yr) to Juvenile (17-18 yr) to Junior (18-20 yr) to Senior they are exposed to high performance coaches, Provincial teams, National and International competitions, AAP funding and National carding.

Athletes competing on behalf of the B.C.W.A. (provincially, nationally, internationally) are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which exemplifies the high level of which the B.C.W.A. would like to project.   The following provides the guidelines for athlete behaviour.

Athletes Code of Conduct 
Fair Play 

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